I always get professional service and a lot of useful information. Not just rushed out. There are still some good service out here. Even my daughter will sit for her because she is patient with her.
David E., Facebook
Dr Griffin and her staff are the best there is. She has done toe surgery on 3 of my children and worked on my foot. My 1 (almost 2) year old had a bad ingrown toe nail. His physician tried to cut it out, but it only got worse. Doctor Griffin was able to take his nail off with me holding him and him throwing an fit. She is always so understanding. He had a pretty rough recovery, but she called me all weekend to check on him. The following Tuesday my oldest son (15 y/o) had his ingrown nail taken out (not the entire nail) He started to not feel the best so she stopped everything and her nurse ran to the café and got him something to drink. Once again she called me later to check on him. If you are looking for a podiatrist, Dr. Griffin is the BEST!
Lorene Y., Facebook
Thanks so much to Dr. Griffin for taking great care of my daughter on Friday! She was so patient & caring!!!
Debbie S., Facebook
For over 3 months, I experienced very negative results from another Podiatrist in Goldsboro, NC. Meeting Dr. Bessaliea A. Griffin, D. P. M., was the 'Answer To My Prayers'. In 10 minutes, she had correctly diagnosed my problem, and provided immediate pain relief, and mobility, FINALLY! Because of her my quality of life has improved immensely. I am thrilled with the results from my first visit to Dr. Griffin, my only regret is that I didn't switch Podiatrists sooner. THANK YOU Dr. Griffin!
Anita C., healthgrades.com

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